Pedicure Trends 2024: Toe Nail Colors And Designs

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Pedicure trends are very different from manicure trends: designs that look great on your hands can look awkward on your feet. A pedicure does not tolerate bright designs on each finger, as well as voluminous elements, which should be abandoned so as not to injure the nail. You can experiment with the shade and type of polish choice: we have collected pedicure ideas worth trying before open shoe season begins.

French Pedicure

A French pedicure is elegant, graceful, and laconic. It’s not for nothing that this design has been relevant for many seasons, and it won’t lose ground in the future. Like French manicure, it is influenced by fashion trends. In addition to the traditional nude finish and white “smile,” nail art masters offer color variations, combining French manicure with other decoration techniques.

Multicolored Pedicure

If you’re tired of a monochromatic finish, try a multi-colored pedicure. You can combine shades of the same color scheme and contrasting ones like blue, brown, and milky. If you are in doubt about your choice, try combining pastel shades – muted colors combine well with each other.

Dark Shades

Saturated and deep shades look equally advantageous on both hands and feet. Therefore, a dark color scheme is suitable if you like to combine pedicure and manicure. In 2024, in addition to classic black, dark blue, dark green, burgundy, and brown shades will be in fashion.


Red is suitable for nail designs at any time of the year, and this shade will never go out of style. In 2024, both classic red and rich cherry polish are in fashion, which has managed to conquer manicure trends.


The nude polish grows gradually and will appeal to those who do not like bright pedicures. The translucent coating looks natural and creates the effect of a “naked” nail. You can diversify nude shades with the help of glitter and pearl rub.

Shiny Pedicure

The “cat eye” design can also be transferred to a pedicure. The main thing is to create a uniform highlight. Another option for a shiny manicure is a reflective polish or a coating with large sparkles. You can combine several shades or choose one main polish in a pedicure.


For the cold season, choose a blue-gray shade; during the summer, try a sky-blue polish that will highlight your tan. You can diversify your blue pedicure with a top with tiny sparkles.


Green nail polish has been on the trend list for more than one season. In 2024, rich and deep emerald shades, fresh light green, and pistachio shades will also be in fashion. If you are bored with the monochromatic coating, you can add a light shimmer to the green polish. If you choose a dark polish, remember that it highlights the imperfections of the pedicure. So, after going to the salon, remember to moisturize your feet and apply cuticle oil.


And again, designers invite us to remember the lessons of geometry: lines, dots, and shapes can be drawn or pasted, or you can use a recent novelty – spider web gel – to create a fancy pattern.


Another trendy pedicure shade is fuchsia, which ranges from pink to deep purple. This color looks fresh for summer and will go well with your favorite sandals. When worn alone, the rich shade looks advantageous, so it should not be complemented with glitter or design.


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