Under Eye Wrinkles: Causes, How To Remove, Treatment

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Every year not only gives us experience but also leaves subtle grooves on our faces – as a memory of past events and experiences. But, no matter how valuable our experience is, wrinkles are only a reason for sadness. After all, they remind us of the passage of time, and it is impossible to stop it.

But you can slow down your meeting with old age. The skin around the eyes is the most susceptible to the effects of age; the bell reminds you that the time has come to maintain your beauty. If you respond to the signal promptly, you can keep youthful skin for many years.

Why Do Wrinkles Appear Under The Eyes?

Any doctor will tell you that it is not the manifestations of the disease that need to be treated but its causes. And although there is no talk of illness in our case, the principle remains the same. Before “treating” our first wrinkles, we must figure out why they appear early.

Firstly, a lot is inherent in nature. In particular, these are:

  • A small amount of fiber in the periorbital zone (around the eyes);
  • Lack of moisturizing glands in the periorbital area;
  • Higher alkalinity than other areas of the skin;
  • Excellent facial mobility of the area: blinks alone account for 40 to 100 thousand per day, but besides this, there are also emotions – and each is reflected on the face. Facial wrinkles near the eyes appear first;
  • Poor vision – if a person constantly squints to see something, the skin gets used to this condition, and the usual wrinkles appear;
  • Age-related changes: gravitational ptosis (downward displacement of soft tissues), sprained ligaments, weakening of the eye muscle;

All this is given to us by nature to one degree or another. Therefore, the only thing that can be done to correct the situation is to provide the skin with support through care.

In addition, several factors affect the condition of the periorbital skin. And since most of them are related to our lifestyle, we must reduce their impact as much as possible.

Causes Of Under Eye Wrinkles

External factors that contribute to accelerated skin aging include:

  • Bad habits. Smoking and addiction to alcohol have a terrible effect on blood circulation, which is not suitable for the skin at all.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun. Without sunglasses, the skin becomes dry and thin, UV rays stimulate aging, and in addition, bright light makes us constantly squint.
  • Poor quality cosmetics. Only purchasing cosmetics from well-known brands that care about their reputation can guarantee you the safety of their composition. Counterfeits and attempts to save money can contain toxic substances and leave the skin in a very deplorable condition.
  • Wrong selection of care products. You cannot use the same creams and ointments for wrinkles under the eyes that you use for your face, except for those that are marked accordingly. Otherwise, aggressive substances contained in cosmetics can cause unwanted reactions – irritation, inflammation, and dryness.
  • Features of professional activity. Spending a long time at the computer is also not good for the eyes – vision deteriorates, and the skin suffers because you have to squint.
  • Wrong dream. There is such a thing as “sleepy wrinkles,” when wrinkles under the eyes appear after sleep as if pressing down on the face. These deep folds are almost impossible to deal with using cosmetic products alone. Experts can quickly determine from them which side a woman prefers to sleep on. The leading cause is considered to be uncomfortable pillows and stiff linens. Sleep lines usually form in areas where the skin is closest to the bones of the skull.
  • Poor nutrition. Another new term introduced by cosmetologists precisely to characterize the phenomenon is “sugar wrinkles.” The explanation is quite simple – sugar can “caramelize” connective tissue as if gluing collagen fibers together. The process is called glycation, and it is irreversible. Harmful foods include smoked and fatty foods, caffeine, and products with the designation E in their composition.
  • Weight fluctuations. Obesity and rapid weight loss put a severe strain on the body in general and on the skin in particular. The skin stretches, and it becomes more and more difficult to restore with age because it loses its elasticity over the years.
  • Sleep disturbances. Lack of sleep leads to blue circles under the eyes and swelling. It is during sleep that the process of collagen production occurs most intensively.

You can completely correct all of the above on your own. The quality of food you eat, the time you go to bed, and the choice of cosmetics depend only on you. Your skin will gratefully respond to your concern for your health.

How Proper Nutrition And Sleep Affect Under Eye Wrinkles

The main principles of maintaining beauty and health are a carefully thought-out, balanced diet and healthy sleep. No cosmetics, even high-quality and innovative ones, can cope with the signs of chronic lack of sleep or vitamin starvation on the face.


I have already mentioned sleep wrinkles (sleep wrinkles). They appear not only in the periorbital zone – on any part of the face that wrinkles during night rest. As a rule, they are located vertically, and only around the eyes do they repeat facial wrinkles. The critical age when it turns from a temporary phenomenon into a permanent one is about 35 years.

The cause of “rays” around the eyes is incorrect body position during sleep. Accordingly, you need to discipline yourself to avoid it. Try to sleep on your back. I also recommend choosing an orthopedic pillow: firstly, it prevents the occurrence of creases, and secondly, it ensures the most ergonomic sleeping position. With such a pillow, it is easy to get rid of headaches if you suffer from them.


Now, two more words about nutrition. First of all, remember water. Although the topic is hackneyed, our body cannot do without it. Skin that does not receive enough fluid appears dry and lifeless, is more sensitive to environmental influences, and wrinkles appear more quickly.

Here are a few simple but fail-safe rules on how to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes at home by correcting your diet:

  • Vegetables: cucumbers, broccoli, onions, lettuce;
  • Berries: currants, rowan, cherries, sea buckthorn;
  • Legumes – beans and peas;
  • From grains – oatmeal;
  • From animal products – liver, eggs, butter and milk;
  • Seafood – plenty of fish (I recommend paying particular attention to zander), squid;
  • Nuts and flax seeds, seeds.

All these products are rich in vitamin E and are responsible for moisturizing the skin, giving it tone and tightening.

Proper Skin Care Around The Eyes

If you need to restore the skin’s condition under the eyes quickly, use the old proven method – put chilled cucumber slices on your eyelids for a few minutes (you can replace it with a gel mask). In addition, this is an excellent prevention against edema.

Attention! Many people recommend wiping the area around the eyes with pieces of ice – this is strictly contraindicated. They can injure the skin, and the effect will be opposite.

As for regular care using cosmetics, options are selected based on age:

  • Girls aged 20 to 30 should pay attention to moisturizers
  • For ages from 30 to 40 years, nourishing creams with a lifting effect are suitable
  • From the age of 40, you can use anti-aging

Any product should be applied using massage movements to ensure deeper penetration.

The basic procedure for skin care around the eyes includes cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishing. It is better to start caring for the problem area when you are young, without waiting for the first signs of skin fatigue to appear. The procedure is carried out twice a day – morning and evening. Also, don’t forget about self-massage and gymnastics, which we’ll discuss below.

And finally, try to find your cosmetologist. It will support you in the fight against age-related changes. It will also give you invaluable recommendations for daily care.

Cosmetic Products For Under Eye Wrinkles

Caring for the skin under the eyes does not involve using only one product. The minimum set of skincare products should include:

Cleanser And Makeup Remover

Milk (Cream)

The product usually has a very delicate consistency and does not dry out. Suitable for both morning cleansing and makeup removal. The milk is first applied to a cotton pad and then gently wiped over the face. The composition often uses vitamins, particularly E, plant extracts, oils, and other useful components. The product promotes hydration and nourishes the skin. But you need to pay attention to the recommendations. It is better to wash off some products, while others, on the contrary, should be left on since they have additional properties: they tone, soften, and moisturize.

Cleansing Cream 

Moisturizes, nourishes, softens the skin and copes well with any makeup. As a rule, cleansing creams are washed with water or a damp cloth. After using them, apply regular cream. The creams contain oils, due to which cleansing occurs.

The composition may include other components: hyaluronic acid, mud, and plant extracts. They do not dry out and take excellent care of the skin. But they may contain alcohol and allergens.

Note! The denser the texture of a cream or milk, the more suitable they are for dry and sensitive skin.


Features intense cleansing. Suitable for those with sensitive mixed skin that reacts sharply to lack of cleansing. Since it is used for the entire face, it is worth paying attention to those with acne problems, enlarged pores, and oily shine.

Note! Skin cleansing with foam (as well as gels) often occurs through surfactants, which break down dirt and fats and promote their dissolution in water. Various substances can be used as surfactants, but, as a rule, it is lauryl sulfate. It contributes to skin drying by destroying its lipid layer, which retains moisture. Other substances with a more gentle effect can be used. But if you do not have the habit of carefully studying the composition, it is better to refrain from using such products.


They cleanse while nourishing and soothing the skin. Often used for facial massage. Suitable:

  • For dry and tired skin;
  • For mature skin;
  • As a winter care for any skin type.

The products must be washed off, but this is not easy due to the peculiarities of the composition. Water won’t do here. You need to use cleansing wipes or special sponges. Which often comes included.

Hydrophilic oil

Oil-based product. When interacting with water, it emulsifies and is then efficiently washed off with water. The product came from Asia, quickly gaining popularity, and was adopted by leading brands. A universal option that is suitable for removing makeup and for cleansing before using care.

Apply the oil to dry skin with dry hands. Rinse off with warm water or sponges/napkins. If you want to follow the Asian care system thoroughly, you can use a foaming product. But I recommend taking into account the characteristics of your skin. Foams are not suitable for everyone.

Micellar water

Suitable for daily use on sensitive skin. Especially if it is prone to allergies and irritations. Restores the natural skin barrier. Essentially, it is a weak surfactant solution. This reasonably gentle product cannot always cope with heavy makeup.


Cream is the primary care product responsible for restoring the skin and keeping it in good condition. You must approach the choice of cream for wrinkles or swelling under the eyes especially carefully – the skin here is fragile, delicate, and sensitive. In my practice, I have never met people who have not encountered this or that problem. The choice of remedy should be based on what precisely the problem is:

Dark Circles


  • Close proximity of blood vessels visible through the skin;
  • Pigmentation caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight;
  • Smoking;
  • Heredity;
  • Anatomical features;
  • Skin fatigue;

Look for creams that contain:

  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin K, retinol – for strengthening;
  • caffeine – to improve microcirculation.

To hide the external manifestations of the problem, you can use products with reflective particles.

Expression Wrinkles, Crow’s Feet


Age-related changes, loss of elasticity

  • Active facial expressions;
  • Poor eyesight;
  • Exposure to sunlight.

The cream should contain and what they are responsible for:

  • plant extracts, vitamin C and E – antioxidants;
  • retinol – collagen production;
  • hyaluronic acid – hydration;
  • peptides – regeneration;


The cause is fluid stagnation associated with the following:

  • Lack of sleep;
  • Allergies;
  • Insufficient cleansing of makeup;
  • Food preferences (pickles and marinades).

Recommended composition:

  • caffeine, green tea extract, cucumber extract – will ensure lymph outflow;
  • chamomile, licorice extract – relieves inflammation.

You can place the cream in the refrigerator to enhance the effect since cold helps reduce swelling.

The cream is effective when bruises under the eyes are not permanent. Otherwise, it is better to go to a medical facility for examination – the reasons may be disturbances in the body’s functioning. You can also use a cream with a metal applicator (a metal tip for application with a massage effect). A small life hack – to massage the area under the eyes after applying the product, you can use an ordinary teaspoon.

And, of course, drink water and avoid salty and spicy foods.


They come with different effects: moisturizing, brightening, tightening, etc. Therefore, they must be selected in the same way as creams, depending on the main problem. You can include this product in your daily care from age 25. You have to apply the product in the morning and evening. Usually, you can use a cream after it, but some are used independently. However, you must cleanse the skin before application.

The cream is applied 5 or 10 minutes after the serum so it has time to absorb completely. It is not advisable to combine serum and mask.

Advertising brochures often claim that serums can easily replace a visit to a cosmetologist. Although serums are highly effective, I recommend combining both options.


Masks against wrinkles under the eyes are used 1-2 times a week. You can stock up on factory-made products or use “grandmother’s” recipes containing exclusively natural ingredients. You should use only products specifically designed for this purpose for the eyes. Ordinary face masks may not only not improve the situation but also cause harm.

Follow a few basic rules:

  • Before first use, check whether you are allergic to its components – apply the product to the inside of your wrist and monitor the reaction;
  • Thoroughly clean eyelids and eyelashes of cosmetics before use.
  • Apply along massage lines, from the inner to the outer corner of the eye along the upper eyelid and vice versa – along the lower;
  • While the mask remains on the skin, lie down and try not to strain your face;
  • Keep a cotton pad or piece of cloth with you to wipe up the product if it gets warm and runs on your skin;
  • Use the mask for as long as indicated in the recommendations on the package.

After use, remove any unabsorbed product and wash your face.

The mask, like the cream, is selected according to the characteristics of the skin; you should change it every decade.


You can replace the mask with patches – special stickers impregnated with a cosmetic composition. They have multidirectional effects. They are selected depending on the task and skin condition. They are made from non-woven fabric or hydrogel (jelly-like mass containing valuable substances).

There are:

  • Moisturizing – suitable for dry, thin skin, visually smoothes out a network of wrinkles;
  • Smoothing – has an effect similar to Botox, slightly blocking facial expressions;
  • Nourishing – aimed at comprehensive skin health, may contain placenta, retinol, plant extracts, pearl powder;
  • Anti-aging – activate natural skin regeneration processes, maintain optimal balance;
  • Draining – remove or reduce swelling; to achieve this, they should be kept on the face longer than others – about half an hour.

The “plaster” is applied under the lower eyelid on previously cleansed skin. Before use, you can do a light massage, making the procedure more effective. It is advisable to lie down while using them, although walking is not prohibited. The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes.

Remove the stickers from the nose to the temples. Unlike masks, you do not need to wash your face. It is better to gently tap the remaining product into the skin with your fingertips. Patches are an excellent remedy for both wrinkles and circles under the eyes.

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles In A Cosmetologist’s Office

Professional cosmetology will come to the rescue if it is no longer possible to remove wrinkles under the eyes using standard caring procedures. Based on the situation’s complexity, you will be offered traditional salon methods or a more radical approach, which is carried out only with the help of plastic surgery.

Among the most common options, I will name:

  • Professional massage;
  • Electrical procedures: microcurrents, iontophoresis, darsonvalization;
  • Injection procedures: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, plasma therapy, fillers, bioreinforcement;
  • Hardware methods: photorejuvenation, RF lifting, focused ultrasound, laser rejuvenation;
  • Chemical peels.

Let’s look at a few of the most popular methods of rejuvenation:

Chemical Peels

The skin is treated with a special compound. The effect is achieved because the top layer of the epidermis with all its inherent defects, including small wrinkles, is removed. Deep ones also become less noticeable on renewed skin. The procedure has a recovery period, which lasts approximately 3-4 days. It is essential to follow all the specialist’s recommendations during this period.

Injection Procedures

The necessary substances are injected into the skin of the problem area with a syringe or injector: hyaluronic acid or cocktails containing it, plasma, etc.

The advantages of such procedures include:

  • Quick effect;
  • Short rehabilitation period;
  • Minimal likelihood of allergic reactions;
  • Compatibility with other cosmetic methods.

Anesthesia is usually not required during the procedure. Many drugs already contain lidocaine. In case of its absence, the cosmetologist performs topical anesthesia.

Hardware Cosmetology

The method combines high efficiency and relatively soft implementation. Most procedures are painless; in rare cases, anesthetic creams are applied. It is most often used in combination with traditional cosmetology. There is a short rehabilitation period, in particular with laser therapy, where swelling, redness of the skin, and peeling are possible. There are contraindications.

A specialist will examine your face and select procedures that will comprehensively solve several problems in addition to wrinkles under the eyes.

How To Remove Under Eye Wrinkles At Home

One of the most common questions is how to remove wrinkles under the eyes at home. In this case, recipes for self-doing will help. But it is essential to remember a few golden rules so as not to harm yourself but, on the contrary, to preserve and enhance your beauty:

  • It should be prepared immediately before use;
  • Store for no more than an hour;
  • Do not violate instructions;
  • Thoroughly cleanse skin before application;
  • Check the inside of the brush for reaction;
  • If it is still not there, but after application, you feel discomfort, remove it immediately.

If you simultaneously use the services of a cosmetologist, be sure to warn him about using such masks so that he excludes products that can lead to a negative effect when interacting.

The simplest grandmother remedies against wrinkles under the eyes, which do not even require preparation:

  • Cucumber slices;
  • Cotton pads soaked in orange juice (avoid contact with eyes);
  • Compresses from chilled tea bags;
  • Natural oils: almond, castor, grape seed oil. You can also use butter as a night cream;
  • Banana mask made from mashed banana pulp;

These products will benefit you if you need to relieve swelling and remove bruises quickly. Otherwise, it is better to adhere to regularity and consistency.

How To Treat Wrinkles Around The Eyes With Gymnastics And Facial Massage

Take your time to act radically right away. The main cause of wrinkles is muscle weakness and skin fatigue. With the first age-related changes, massage and gymnastics can help strengthen facial muscles and improve blood circulation.


Let’s start with a massage. It’s not difficult to learn the basic principles of massage at home:

  • Before the procedure, thoroughly clean your face;
  • Apply nourishing cream or oil to the area around the eyes;
  • Sit comfortably in front of the mirror – you need to feel as comfortable as possible;
  • After the massage, apply your usual skincare product.

A set of exercises may consist of tapping, stroking, and pressing. The most straightforward complexes may look like this:

  • Use a gentle tapping motion with your index and middle fingers to move around your eyes to promote blood circulation;
  • With your middle fingers, press at the base of your eyebrows (where they begin) and count to four;
  • Press your finger against the bridge of your nose near the tear ducts and hold for a few seconds;
  • Use your index and middle fingers to massage your temples.

Or like this:

  • Using the knuckles of your fingers gathered into a fist, press on the points under the eyebrow closer to the inner corner of the eyes;
  • Press the entire surface of your index, middle, and ring fingers into the area at the base of the eyebrow and move in a spiral direction from the base of the eyebrow.
  • Using the pads of your middle fingers, press on the area at the temples and pull the skin up.

It is best to first consult with a specialist who will demonstrate the movements to you and control the pressure force. This is the case when theory without practice is ineffective.

You can use portable massage devices – rollers (the same applicators) or in the form of massage glasses. The cream is applied to the applicators before use.

Glasses differ in the methods of influence:

  • Acupuncture – carried out using air compressor pads, removes or reduces swelling;
  • Magnetic – improves blood circulation and cell metabolism;
  • Vibromassage – eliminates fatigue;
  • Light (using infrared radiation) – eliminates eye fatigue, smoothes out fine wrinkles, and saturates the skin with oxygen.

Glasses allow you to choose a training mode; participating in the massage is unnecessary.

Gymnastics For The Skin Around The Eyes

Gymnastics is a very effective way to improve the skin’s condition and eliminate or smooth out wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. An elementary set of exercises is straightforward and will not cause any difficulties if done independently:

  1. Close your eyes and rotate them alternately clockwise and counterclockwise, keeping your head still.
  2. Place the pads of four fingers under the eyebrows and press firmly. Raise your eyebrows and close your eyelids tightly. Count to five.
  3. Close your eyes and stretch your lips as if smiling widely. Count to 5. Lower the corners of your mouth and count to 5 again. Perform the movements several times alternately.
  4. Press your fingers to the outer corners of your eyes, and try to close your eyes through the resistance of your fingers with maximum muscle tension. Count to 5. Repeat three times.
  5. Press your index finger to the inner corner and your middle finger to the outer corner of your eye (in the shape of the letter U). Alternately, strain in an attempt to squint and relax the lower eyelids while the upper ones relax. Repeat five times.
  6. Fix your index, middle, and ring fingers on your forehead. Try to raise your eyes and eyebrows upward with resistance from your fingers. Repeat five times.
  7. Place the fingers of both hands over your eyes. Fix the corner of your eye with your nameless one. Try to close your eyes, counteracting this with your fingers. Repeat five times.

Important! When performing the exercises, sit up straight, but try to give your body the most comfortable and relaxed position possible.

If you perform these exercises regularly, you will notice the effect within a few days.

I repeat: with a guru, it will be easier for you to understand the nuances. It’s better to see this with your own eyes at least once and repeat it under the guidance of a professional.

Prevention Of Aging Of The Skin Around The Eyes

The fight against wrinkles in the periorbital area is a constant process. Everyone faces this problem at one time or another. But I want to remind you that it is better to prevent the occurrence of early wrinkles than to fight them later. Moreover, it requires little effort.

Here are a few words about what to do to prevent wrinkles under the eyes:

  • To preserve natural protection, use gentle cleansers, and be sure to rinse with cool water;
  • Don’t leave makeup on your face overnight;
  • Choose cosmetic care products taking into account your skin characteristics;
  • Apply them along massage lines with gentle movements;
  • Eat a balanced diet, exclude spicy and salty foods, keep yourself away from excess sweets;
  • Drink your daily fluid intake;
  • Avoid excessive sunbathing. Use sunglasses and protective creams for the area around the eyes;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • Get outdoors more often;
  • Incorporate a minute of physical activity into your routine.

It would seem – nothing complicated. But your skin will thank you with a well-groomed appearance, freshness, and beauty.


  • Which side should you apply patches against wrinkles under the eyes? To relieve swelling and eliminate dark circles, you need to use the wide rounded side to the bridge of the nose, to eliminate wrinkles – the narrow side.
  • At what time and how often is it best to use patches? Use patches every morning before applying makeup. If you apply them 2-3 times a week, minimal care will be provided.
  • Do I need to use cream after patches? After the procedure, you do not need to apply eye cream, as the patches moisturize and nourish the skin quite well.
  • Do I need to store patches in the refrigerator? Optional unless specified by the manufacturer. They will already provide a slight cooling effect during the procedure. But to enhance the tonic effect, you can cool the jar of patches in the refrigerator before use. The main thing is not to put them in the freezer!
  • Is it worth using heparin ointment under the eyes? Yes, you can hear a lot of positive reviews about heparin ointment as one of the best inexpensive remedies for wrinkles under the eyes: it improves tone, smoothes out fine wrinkles, and helps very well with swelling. But you need to be very careful because, firstly, its contact with the mucous membrane can cause inflammation or conjunctivitis. Secondly, it can cause allergic reactions and is not suitable for all types of skin. 
  • What is contour plastic surgery? Contour plastic surgery is an injection method for correcting wrinkles using fillers.
  • What results does contour plastic surgery give, and how long do they last? It all depends on the initial goal. If it was wrinkle correction, then the procedure results in a reduction or even complete disappearance of wrinkles and folds. The filler stays in the injection area for 7 to 12 months, depending on the density of the filler and the characteristics of your body.
  • Are there any contraindications for contour plastic surgery? The procedure can be performed on men and women over 18. List of contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, oncology, chronic diseases in the acute stage, epilepsy, acute infections, inflammatory processes in the correction zone, fever.
  • What complications can there be with contour plastic surgery? Hematomas, swelling, and pain in the correction area.
  • What is the difference between biorevitalization and mesotherapy? The composition of the administered drugs and the number of procedures. During biorevitalization, hyaluronic acid is introduced; during mesotherapy, cocktails containing hyaluronic acid are introduced. The number of mesotherapy procedures is from 8 to 10 with an interval of 1 week, and biorevitalization – is from 2 to 4 with an interval of 14 to 30 days.
  • If you have previously had a botulinum therapy or bioreinforcement procedure, can you do a professional facial massage? For this, at least six months must pass since massage removes the injections.
  • How often should you do a facial massage? A course of 6 to 10 procedures, 2-3 times a week. It is recommended to carry out prophylaxis every two weeks and repeat the course after about six months.
  • Are there any contraindications for massage? Yes, this exacerbates chronic diseases, eczema, rosacea, viral skin diseases, facial nerve inflammation, and skin damage.
  • Is it true that facial massage stretches the skin? No way! Massage tightens the skin and starts the regeneration process.
  • How long does facial gymnastics take? For the results to be noticeable, you need to exercise twice a day for 10 minutes.
  • What time of day is best to conduct gymnastics? Any time it’s convenient for you.
  • What are the contraindications for gymnastics? Gymnastics should not be done in case of inflammation or injuries of the cervical vertebrae and jaw joints or acute viral diseases.
  • Will my wrinkles become even more noticeable after such exercises? Not at all! Gymnastics improves blood circulation in tissues, which only strengthens and heals them.
  • Are there age restrictions for doing facial gymnastics? Gymnastics is available for any age. It’s just that at a young age, it is of a warning nature, and after thirty, it works for correction and rejuvenation.
  • No changes happen, although I do gymnastics every day. You’re just used to yourself and don’t see results. I recommend taking control pictures according to the “before and after” principle and comparing them.


Aging is a natural process that everyone is destined to experience. But we can push it aside and look impressive and well-groomed, regardless of age. Strive for better, and don’t give up.


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